Most of us call it The Colosseum or Coliseum, Colosseo if you’re Italian or if you really want to push the boat out – Anfiteatro Flavio.  We all know what it is when we see it – the big round ruined stadium in Rome, a classical Hampden Park but probably having seen less violence.  It’s instantly recognisable yet still a must-see when in Rome.

Colosseum 02
Flavian Amphitheatre


As mentioned in a previous post, there are big long queues with no shortage of touts offering beat-the-line offers at inflated prices.  Or you can book online to beat-the-line and still pay over the odds.  So worth saying again – go to the ticket office at the Forum and get a combo ticket, go to the Forum first and then walk straight by the queues into the Flavian Amp..  Colosseum.

So a hot day, A Ricoh KR-5 with a dud battery and a roll of Oriental Seagull 100 (possibly Kentere 100 or Ilford Pan 100) guessing at Sunny 16.

Colosseum 03
Exterior detail

Colosseum 08

Inside it gets no cooler, and you get an idea of the scale of the arena.

Colosseum 01
In the Arena
Colosseum 04
It wasn’t always Christian friendly…

Colosseum 06

Colosseum 05
A break from the heat

Like many places in Rome there’s free drinking water from fountains.  In a queue, an Enlgish couple were behind me discussing the visit.  She was disappointed and underwhelmed – it was, she said ‘a bit ruin-y’.  Can’t argue with that though I would add ‘magnificent’