There ain’t a thing that I can do, That’s the difference between whisky and you

Jim Beam Old Storehouse
Jim Beam, Clermont KY

A few years back on a trip to the USA, I got to visit behind the scenes at the Jim Beam distillery at Clermont, Kentucky taking stills (pun intended) during a video shoot.  Our host was the delightful and infinitely patient Jim Beam Noe, distillery manager.  In a temperature of 37°C and in an environment with a delightful overpowering aroma of whiskey (bourbon…) it’s as well I had the camera to remind me of the whole visit.
And we got to taste some.  Definitely one of my favourite shoots.

Kit:  Olympus E450 DSLR (the old 4/3 one) and 14-42 kit lens. Silver Efex Pro.

Some of the folk at JB.

Jim Beam Tasting
Jim Beam Noe


Jim Beam Mike
Storehouse worker


Jim Beam Loading Barrels
Delivery team

Around the plant

Jim Beam bottling best
Jim Beam Barrels
Jim Beam Still

More photos of the Jim Beam on the Flickr