Berlin Pride on a bright summer day should really warrant colour digital. I had a Olympus OM20 (with a intermittent dodgy shutter), a Zuiko 50mm 1.8 lens and a roll of CHM100 from Fotoimpex. This led to a few challenges – focussing quickly with 56 year old dodgy eyes, no LCD screen to check the photo, trying to be quick when asking for a portrait (without explaining I’ve a manual focus camera and I’d also like to bracket exposures. Bitte..). And to get the photos I took up two positions – in the middle of the parade and then walking around the edges. Luckily it’s one of those events where participants aren’t too shy.

bloke with wings

Critique of Belarus government
disregarding the rule of thirds
Careful now
FFP2 masks required in Germany

For the delightful woman below who was more than happy to be photographed, I apologise for my shite focussing skills. This incident however has led me to get a new Micro Four Thirds Olympus and some decent autofocus lenses. Thank you.

maybe the Zuiko was a bit faulty. Sorry.
is that 2 masks?
Canadians. And two happy post-Brexit Brits
An easy shift for the Berliner rozzers

I was in Berlin for Pride in 2012 and had a Canon 7D. I should post some of those. They’re in colour. And mostly in focus.